Thomas Rod Company - Makers of fine bambo fishing rods since 1896
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How Your Rod is Crafted

Thomas rods are still made from the highest quality selected Tonkin cane,Bamboo recognized as the finest kind of bamboo grown for the purpose of rod making.

The six triangular segments that comprise each joint of a Thomas rod are taken from the same piece of cane whenever possible.

flaming culm

splitting bamboo

Together, they go step by step through every process of rod construction from the time they are split until they are glued together to form the finished joint. This feature assures a uniformity of tensile strength, texture, color and resiliency.

bamboo strips

Care of your Rod

With proper care and use, a rod will last for generations.

Wipe your rod carefully after fishing, and be sure that it is thoroughly dry before putting it in its case. In an aluminum or any other type of air tight case, a damp rod will mildew and the glue may soften, which can ruin the rod.

Keep the ferrules clean and free of dirt. And, when assembling or taking down a rod, never twist the joints.

Do not leave a rod in a leaning position which places a strain on any joint.

Avoid exposing a rod to extreme changes in temperature or humidity.

When fly fishing, be careful when a hook becomes caught on a rock or submerged log, as yanking it is likely to put a "set" in the rod or could cause a break. A set can also be caused by putting too much of a strain on a fish, or using line not designed for the rod.

Thomas Rod Company

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